Happy Birthday to Bob Marley!

VIEW ORIGINAL POST ON KBLX.COM “Possession make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness. My richness is life.” -Bob Marley Bob Marley would have been 74 years old today. Social media posts today have been all about Bob, Bob, Bob. As they should be! The legendary musician and activist was born in Jamaica on... Continue Reading →

The 2019 Essence Festival Lineup

VIEW ORIGINAL POST ON KBLX.COM Essence recently announced the lineup for the Essence Festival 25th year celebration and so far it looks amazing! There will likely be more artist additions in the months leading up to the show, but this list gives everyone a very good idea. The Essence Festival, known as “the party with a purpose”, is... Continue Reading →

Video: Rare Black Leopard Spotted in Kenya

VIEW ORIGINAL POST ON KBLX.COM It has been over 100 years since the last confirmed sighting of a black leopard (also known as black panthers) in Africa. The last confirmed observation was 1909 in Ethiopia. A team of biologists captured the rare footage in 2018 after spending months watching and waiting. They had set up... Continue Reading →

Super Blood Wolf Moon: This Sunday!

VISIT ORIGINAL POST ON KBLX.COM The moon will turn red over the United States on Sunday night, January 20th. It will be the first total lunar eclipse visible in its entirety across the U.S. since December 2010. It will be the last total lunar eclipse of the decade. A total lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon... Continue Reading →

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