An Explanation of the Light You Saw in the Sky Last Night, Bay Area! (Video)


A lot of Californians got some amazing photos and videos last night (Sunday October 7th) of a peculiar and mesmerizing slow-moving large mass of light up in the skies. How’s that for a long descriptive sentence? You can easily find a bunch of the photos and videos with a quick search on Instagram or Twitter. You’ll also see a great deal of accompanying comments and questions: “It’s a UFO!”, “A spaceship full of aliens!!”, “What the heck is that????” 

It was indeed a sight.  What everyone saw was a Falcon 9 rocket launched by Elon Musk’sSpaceX at 7:21p.m. from Vandenberg Air Force Base, 158 miles north of Los Angeles. It landed back on earth shortly after, marking SpaceX’s first ground landing on the West Coast

Vandenberg Air Force Base issued a warning to the Central California locals ahead of time, as the residents were expected to hear some large sonic booms which are made when the Falcon 9 returns to Earth, moving faster than the speed of sound. 

For those that knew nothing about this happening ahead of time (that would be a bunch of us here in the Bay Area), we were blown away to look up and see what we saw! 

See an amazing 15 second timelapse video of the Falcon 9 taking off: 

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