Lucky Charms Give-Away: Limited Boxes of Marshmallow-Only Cereal


Attention all Lucky Charms cereal lovers! Lucky Charms ‘marshmallow’ lovers to be specific.

This morning (3/18), General Mills announced their limited edition offering: 15,000 boxes of marshmallow-only cereal. You read that right… Stuff. Just. Got. Real.

Pretty much the whole world agrees that the best part of a box of Lucky Charms has always been the colorful stars, hearts, moons, horseshoes and clover shaped magical marshmallow bits. In the General Mills news release/announcement, this fact was acknowledged. Hence the Marshmallow-only offering. Thanks General Mills!

The special is part of ‘The Marshmallow Only’ promotion that first launched in 2015 when General Mills gave out 10 boxes. In 2017, the special came back even stronger with 10,000 boxes. Now today, the company has upped the give-away to 15,000 boxes.

“For years, getting a box of only authentic Lucky charms Marshmallows has seemed as far-fetched as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or spotting a magical unicorn”, says Ashley Voge, Corporate Communications Associate at General Mills.

So the 15,000 boxes will be filled with nothing but marshmallow rainbows and unicorns!

How to score a box:

  • Look for the specially-marked Lucky Charms boxes (in stores nationwide now through summer 2019).
  • Go to and enter the code located on the inside panel of your cereal box.

** There is also a ‘no purchase necessary option’ available here: Official rules.

All winners will get a Marshmallow Only box shipped directly to their doorstep. Chances of winning seem good, considering 15,000 boxes are ready to be shipped. Good ‘luck‘!

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