How You Can Help Those Affected by the California Fires


Thousands of people have been displaced by three wildfires in California, and sadly, 31 people have already been confirmed deceased. One of the fires in the northern part of California, called the ‘Camp fire’’ has burned through 111,000 acres. In Southern California, the Woolsey and Hills fires have burned through 88,000 acres. The destruction is massive and possibly the most destructive in California’s history. 

There are a lot of ways to help, but please be sure to research first. Make sure the charity is reputable when it comes to using donations effectively. Take a look at Charity Navigator, which is known as a good source. Keep in mind that sending money is usually the best way to help in such situations. Sometimes, if organizations get an abundance of donations, it can eat up a lot of time (and needing more volunteers) to sort through it all. Having the money allows them to go get exactly what is needed. 

See below for various organization’s wildfire relief links. 

Airbnb has also started a program for people to open their homes to those in need. Up until November 29th, Airbnb will let residents mark their homes open for evacuees and aid workers. There will be no charge to stay. See here: Airbnb- Open Your heart and Home to Evacuees 

American Red Cross 

California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund 

Caring Choices 

Enloe Medical Center 

Entertainment Industry Foundation 

Humane Society of Ventura County 

North Valley Community Foundation 

Salvation Army 

United Way of Greater Lose Angeles 

United way of Northern California 

Go Fund Me: Help those impacted by the fires in California 

Google – Southern California Wildfires donation page 

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