The Oscars Move Forward… Without A Host


By now everyone knows about the whole Kevin Hart Oscars Host fiasco: 

  • Kevin Hart accepted The Academy’s invitation to host the Oscars. 
  • He stepped down shortly after, once homophobic tweets of his from several years back surfaced, resulting in major backlash. He apologized and said he’d rather not be a distraction on such a special night. He had apologized in the past, and addressed it again once, expressing how he has grown. 
  • Ellen DeGeneres defended Kevin and asked the Academy to bring him back to host. The Oscars said they were open to it if Kevin was. 
  • Kevin thought on it and in the end, made it official that he would not be hosting this year. He’s open to future years, but says he’s over all of the hoopla this year. 

That brings us to the latest. Who will host? No one. This will be the first time since 1989 that the Oscars will have no host.  Variety reports that the producers will select an assortment of A-listers to introduce respective segments through-out the evening. With just six weeks before the live airing on February 24th, the scramble to find the right individuals is on. No pressure, right? 

As for now, there are no new offers out for a host, and there are no expected offers to be made. Taking the ‘no-host’ approach is definitely risky. Some wonder how many will watch the show without a famous face as the maestro. Others think it may end up being a positive move. Well, one thing is for certain.. we shall soon find out. 

Good Morning America tweet summing things up: 

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