Issa Rae, the American Princess


We just can’t get enough of Issa Rae! She is set to star in a romantic comedy film titled “American Princess”. In the film, Rae plays an American woman that moves to London and falls in love in an unexpected way. She’s pulled into a world of wealth and high society and the ‘falling in love’ part takes place from there. 

This romantic comedy from Fox is directed by Stella Meghie, produced by Paul Feig, Jessie Henderson and Brenan O’Brien. The script was written by Amy Aniobi, who has already worked with Rae on “Insecure” as a writer and co-executive producer. 

Issa Rae also stars in the Fox drama “The Hate U Give”, and of course she she’s still going strong with the back-to-back Golden Globe nominated “Insecure” show. HBO has just renewed the series for a fourth season! The excitement of the “American Princess” news is just as exciting as the “Insecure” fourth season renewal. Go on, Issa! 

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