Amy Schumer has a lot to share!


Amy Schumer recently gave her recommendations on who to vote for. Oh, and also casually threw in that she is pregnant with her first child. That’s a lot of news all jumbled up together! 

Comedian Amy Schumer has had a lot going on lately. She was arrested a few weeks back when she took part in a protest against supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, and even more recently, she showed her support for Colin Kaepernick, saying she won’t appear in Super bowl ads. 

Today (Monday 10/22), Amy made an announcement, via journalist and author Jessica Yellin, who also happens to be Amy’s friend. In Amy’s Instagram story, she told people to go to Jessica Yellin’s Instagram to see a special announcement. 

Jessica’s Instagram post told people to take a look at the note showing a list of Amy’s voting recommendations and to be sure to read all the way to the bottom. There was a line at the bottom/end of list that said, “I’m pregnant – Amy Schumer”. 

And take a look at the pretty big clue right beforehand; Amy posted the following photoshopped Instagram post (a spoof on a Prince Harry/Maghan Markle photo): 

Congrats Amy and hubby! 

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