Suspicious Packages Sent to Clinton, Obama, Time Warner Center and San Diego Union-Tribune Building


Major news rooms in New York and other cities are on high security alert due to the situation this morning (Wednesday 10/24) at CNN’s New York office, which is located in the Time Warner Center. 

A suspicious package addressed to the ex-CIA Director John Brennan was sent to the building, causing police to evacuate everyone. The evacuation happened simultaneously with news of packages containing explosives being sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

This follows news of an explosive device found outside of philanthropist and Democratic backer George Soros’ home two days ago. His home is less than nine miles from Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua residence. 

A law enforcement official told NBC News that all devices sent to Obama, Clinton, Time Warner Center and Soro are ‘nearly identical’. 

* UPDATE: A building containing the San Diego Union-Tribune and Senator Kamala Harris’ field office was also evacuated a short time ago due to a suspicious package being found. 

* UPDATE: A suspicious package was also intercepted at a congressional mail sorting facility near Washington. Democratic Rep Maxine Waters of California was the intended recipient. 

* UPDATE: Authorities are investigating suspicious packages at the Sunrise and Aventura offices of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic Rep for Florida’s 23rd congressional district. Police quickly evacuated the building.  

See below, the moment CNN had to evacuate Time Warner Center in New York. As the anchors were covering the suspicious packages sent to the Obamas and the Clintons, the fire alarm went of in their building. “We’ll be right back,” anchor Jim Sciutto said. They left the building with everyone else. 

We’ll be keeping an eye out for updates. 

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