Update: Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Closure


The Richmond-San Rafael bridge was completely closed this morning due to large pieces of concrete falling from the upper deck onto the lower level.

There’s been some back and forth: Limited lanes in both directions had been reopened this afternoon around 3pm with hopes of fully reopening the bridge by this evening. By 4pm though, all lanes needed to be closed again, reportedly due to the limited flow of traffic causing additional pieces of roadway to loosen and fall.

A CHP spokesman, Officer Barclay, said the falling concrete is related to the activity of Caltrans crews on the bridge. “As our patrol unit was sitting there monitoring the traffic that was flowing, concrete started coming back down, chunks large enough that he immediately closed the lanes.” The patrol unit said the chunks were pebble-sized to a bit larger than a baseball.

The alternative routes are extremely limited unfortunately. Drivers can take Highway 37 or the Bay Bridge. Taking the ferry is also an option, but may require multiple ferries to link the counties. Expect congestion and drive safely everyone!

There has been no announcement about the reopening of bridge yet but we’ll be keeping a look out.

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