Toll Increases On 7 Bay Area Bridges Beginning January 1, 2019


Tolls on seven of San Francisco Bay Area’s state-owned bridges will increase by $1 starting January 1st.

The Bay bridge tolls will increase to $7 during commute hours and to $5 during non-commute  hours.

The Bay Area Toll Authority says the toll will rise to $6 at all of the following bridges: Antioch, Benicia-Martinez, Carquinez, Dumbarton, Richmond-San Rafael and San Mateo-Hayward.

The increases are the outcome of a regional measure passed by voters back in June. The Golden Gate Bridge is independently owned and operated so it was not impacted by the measure.

These increases are the first since 2010. Toll increases are expected again in January 2022 and January 2025. Yikes.

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