The Golden Globes Photobomb Sensation: “Fiji Water Girl”


Well this was either really clever, awkward, creepy or brilliant. Or maybe it was all of those.

A promotional model was hired by Fiji Water, to hand out water bottles to the A-listers on the Golden Globes red carpet last night. Yes, she handed out water, but she handed out an array of photobombs even better. She managed to look directly into the camera in a sort of a ‘stare-down’ manner, photo-bombing several celebrities. In the photos where she is not looking directly into the camera, she still manages to be seen in a total photobombing sort of way!

This was a sudden social media sensation. The photos quickly went viral as the Golden Globes were taking place. Memes, a parody Twitter account, countless comments on various social media platforms… “Fiji Water Girl” basically stole the whole show!

It’s since been revealed that “Fiji Water Girl” is Los Angeles model Kelleth Cuthbert.

Elle Magazine gathered some funny photos and memes, which can be seen here: Elle Magazine – Fiji Water Girl.

And see a few of the comments, memes and posts below, including one later from the model herself:

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Not the worst way to spend a Sunday…

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