Steph Curry Follows Through With A Promise on International Women’s Day


Back in November 2018, Riley Morrison, a nine-year old girl from Napa, wrote a letter to Steph Curry asking that his newest shoes at the time also be available to girls. Riley wrote the letter once she and her dad realized the shoes were not available in girl sizes. Steph Curry responded right away, letting her know some of the things he would be doing to ‘fix it’. He also let her know that he had “something special in the works for International Women’s Day on March 8th…”

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He certainly kept his word! He had Riley co-design the new Curry 6 United We Win colorway (and sockliner), and the shoes were released today March 8th, on International Women’s Day!

“I was immediately impressed when I saw Riley’s letter; that a nine-year-old girl had the courage to use her voice to call attention to an issue and keep us accountable,” said Curry.

Curry surprised Riley with a pair of the shoes she helped design a day before the official release.

The proceeds from sales of the new shoes will go towards a scholarship that the Currys and Under Armour put together for college-bound female students in the Bay Area!

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