Netflix Asks People Not to Hurt Themselves with Bird Box Challenge


Today (Wed. 1/2), Netflix has asked fans to stop taking part in the “Bird Box Challenge”, as it can be potentially dangerous. The Netflix movie Bird Box was recently released in December and the viewership numbers quickly became record-breaking. 45 million subscribers watched it in the first week!

In the film, the characters must wear blindfolds to avoid a harmful and fatal supernatural. Sandra Bullock is attempting to make her way to safety, along with two small children, simply called Boy and Girl.

Viewers quickly took to social media creating and sharing funny Bird Box memes. Then people began posting videos of themselves and others doing funny little skits while blindfolded. The “Bird Box Challenge’ suddenly morphed into ‘a thing’. The challenge, gone viral, has since consisted of viewers attempting to carry out various tasks while blindfolded. with varied results.

Although most are silly and harmless, there was one where a toddler bumps into a wall and another where a guy ‘blindfolds’ himself (pulled his hat down to cover eyes) while driving for example. These sorts of things are surely what sparked Netflix to send out a tweet asking people to chill. See below:

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