Government Shutdown Update: Temporary Re-Open for Now


Trump announced today that the government shutdown will ‘temporarily’ end… for three weeks.

After 35 days, the shutdown will end, at least for now. Trump said another shutdown is possible if lawmakers do not agree to new border wall funding. “If we don’t get a fair deal from Congress, the government will either shut down on February 15 again, or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to address this emergency,” he said.

The measure agreed upon to be considered by Congress will finally allow federal workers to resume being paid. During the shutdown, over 800,000 federal employees have been working without pay. Various contractors have gone without pay as well. Airline safety, food inspection, drug supply and tax matters have also been impacted. The shutdown has seriously affected the livelihoods of many.

Over the past weeks, Trump demanded that any measure reopening the government needed to include $5.7 billion funding for a barrier on the US-Mexico border. The measure agreed upon today includes no border wall funding. “Our unity is our power… and that is maybe what the President underestimated,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after Trump made the announcement about the temporary end of the shutdown, amid mounting public pressure.

Public criticism of President Trump has increased by five points, up to 58 percent over the past few months as a majority of Americans hold him and congressional Republicans most responsible for the shutdown, according to the latest Washington Post/ABC poll. The poll was released shortly before Trump spoke today. See one of the poll questions below:

Question: The federal government has been partially shut down because (Trump and the Republicans in Congress) and (Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress) cannot agree on laws about border security. Who do you think is mainly responsible?

Trump and Republicans in Congress     53%

Pelosi and Democrats in Congress         34%

Both equally                                                10%

No opinion                                                   3%

To see the full poll, go here: Washington Post Poll

Here’s another significant question: What will happen in three weeks???

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