“A Christmas Story” Sleep Over?


To the fans of the classic movie, did you know you can actually spend the night at the A Christmas Story house?! The house is now available year-round, and if it happens to be booked up, you also have the option to stay directly next door, which was the house of Ralphie’s fictional neighbors The Bumpuses. 

Overnight guests of A Christmas Story house have use of the private third floor loft during their stay and use of the entire house from an hour after closing until 9 am the following day. The house accommodates up to 6 guests per night and the rates begin at $395 per night. Of course, during the holiday season the rates typically increase. The house was fully booked this season but recently got a last minute cancellation for December 23rd! The rate is $995. We should add another exclamation point right here. “!” 

The houses have been restored to all their ‘movie splendor’ and the museum across the street has plenty of original props and memorabilia from the film.  

Guest staying in either house receive free admission for the tour of A Christmas Story House & Museum, as well as dining and beverage discounts at The Rowley Inn gastropub directly across the street.  

Anyone want to head out to Cleveland for the “Ralphie” experience? It’s one of Cleveland’s top attractions! You can see photos here: A Christmas Story House  

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