Taraji P. Henson Tells Why She Became a Vegan


The Empire actress shared the reason for going vegan in her InStyle cover story for January’s issue. Taraji became vegan last year after reaching out to her doctor about the severe stomach pain she was experiencing. Her doctor warned her that if she didn’t change what she was consuming, it could lead to an ulcer and even cancer. This scared her enough to wake up and change her diet! 

She is currently enjoying a diet of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, legumes and more. 48 year old Taraji told HelloGiggles last year that before becoming vegan, she relied on coffee, ibuprofen on an empty stomach and alcohol. The stern warning she received from her doctor is what made her abruptly change her way of eating and drinking. She no longer drinks coffee and if she wants to drink alcohol, she only does so on the weekend. 

Taraji says she considers herself a healthy person but felt she was out of control and didn’t realize she was destroying her stomach. Now that she knows, she makes better choices. She prepares her own food and she educates herself on what she puts into her body. “I want to live. Thank God, because I feel so much better.” 

Good for Taraji! 

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