Netflix’s ‘Motown Magic’ Brings Oldies and Soul Music to Younger Generation


Netflix’s Motown Magic debuted on November 20th.  The animated children’s adventure series is about an imaginative little boy named Ben who transforms Detroit by bringing street art to life, equipped with his magic paintbrush and classic Motown music. 

The creator of the series, Josh Wakely, says preservation of the oldies and classic-era Detroit soul music is part of what drives the series, “I want to make sure that in 10, 20 years, kids are still talking about this music. It’s Shakespeare; it’s Dickens; it’s Tolstoy. It’s that good, and that’s the reason it stuck around”. 

“This really matters to me”, says Smokey Robinson, who took on the role of Executive Music Producer. 

According to Rolling Stone, like most pre-school shows, in a typical episode of Motown Magic the characters encounter a challenge, something that they need to overcome in each episode. With the magic of the music and the storytelling, the characters doovercome the challenge, and in a fun and adventurous way. 

The show is just as entertaining for adults as it is for kids, as they get to enjoy some awesome music! 

See video from Capitol Records tweet: 

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