National Get Funky Day! October 5


Today is National Get Funky Day! So other than then obvious, which is to put George Clinton & Parliament’s Give Up The Funk song on repeat, here’s some other things you should also do today: 

– Turn up your energy and enthusiasm today and then share it with those around you 

– Appreciate and celebrate life 

– Smile, laugh, dance. REPEAT. 

– Have fun and spread the love 

– Hug somebody 

– Generate as much positivity as possible 

– Smile, laugh and dance some more! Get yo’ groove on! 

History of National Get Funky Day: The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Get Funky Day to be observed annually beginning in 2017. Funkytown Fitness, a fitness center in St. Augustine, founded the day. It evolved from the way the community happily came together to help strangers during the devastating aftermath of  Hurricane Matthew. 

Hurricane Matthew formed from a tropical wave that pushed off of the African coast in late September 2016. One it reached the Caribbean, it became a hurricane and quickly intensified. It’s path of destruction included Haiti, Eastern Cuba, the Bahamas and Southeastern U.S. 

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