Black-ish Pays Tribute to Prince in 100th Episode


‘Black-ish’ Executive Producer Kenny Smith recently spoke with the New York Post about why ‘Black-ish’ wanted to do this and why nothing compares to Prince. 

He explained that they know there’s a generation who doesn’t know about Prince and what an artist like him really means. They feel it’s important for the next generation to know, especially for those who are part of a black family. 

Kenny was asked what Prince song resonates for him: “Adore.” No need to really explain this one, doesn’t it resonate for everyone?! 

Kenny says that while they didn’t have access to all of Prince’s full catalog, they have plenty. He said it also came down to how many songs they could afford from the estate. ABC Studios and ABC network were very generous, as they knew the beauty of it, it’s the show’s 100th episode and…. Prince. Nuff said, basically. 

The cast had plenty of fun shooting the various scenes and the audience is definitely looking forward to watching it. To read more of the interview, take a look here: New York Post Article: Black-ish, Prince, 100th Episode 

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