Prince’s 17 Days song from upcoming Piano & A Microphone LP. Listen now!


’17 Days’ recording from the 1983 archives. A raw, unpolished, intimate recording (different from the one he spruced up and released with The Revolution later): 

  • Prince on piano. 
  • Funky groove. 
  • Can you turn the lights down……” 
  • Good Gawd!” 
  • A little beat-boxing. 
  • Some passionate singing. 

Yeah, the usual Prince stuff! Yeah, all of that can be heard here: 17 DAYS AUDIO! Rolling Stone article  

Or click here to listen on Soundcloud 

The song is part of the 1983 archival release from the Piano & a Microphone LP, coming out September 21st. It will also include Purple Rain, Strange Relationship, and a cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case of You’. As the Rolling Stone article says, “that he just felt moved to play and record onto a cassette one day at his pre-Paisley Park home studio…” (insert purple heart here y’all). 

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