Krispy Kreme is ‘Brewing Doughnuts’ and ‘Glazing Coffee’ all week!


National Coffee Day is this Saturday, September 29.  Krispy Kreme has a tasty promotion that begins today! They’ve got two new menu items. One of the items is permanent and one is for this week only, in celebration of National Coffee Day: 

    Coffee-glazed doughnuts (available this week only, beginning Monday 9/24) 

    Glazed doughnut-flavored coffee (permanent) 

Say it out loud and see if it feels like a tongue twister or mind twister… or both. 

In addition, Krispy Kreme will offer a free cup of coffee in any size on National Coffee Day, September 29th

Coffee, coffee, coffee! And glaze. And donuts! 

Krispy Kreme Press Release here: Krispy Kreme PR 

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