Kevin Hart: “Zero Tolerance” Cell Phone Ban Frustrating His Fans


Kevin is not playing! He even has “Cell Phone Security Guards’ paroling the premises during his gigs. Some fans were frustrated with the zero tolerance phone ban at a recent UK gig, especially the ones that got removed from the venue for using their phone (no refunds either!). The frustration is certainly understandable, albeit, folks should just simply respect the artist and follow the rules. Put the phones away and enjoy the show. One fan even saw the funny side of it and drew a selfie and a ‘photo’ of Kevin on stage. Ha! 

Full story / see drawing here: Kevin Hart on stage  

In summary, while it is understandable from an artist’s standpoint , it is a bit extreme. Now, Prince, on the other hand, was known for this and he did NOT play either. And everyone knew it! The thing is, no offense, Kevin, but you ain’t Prince. Hopefully most fans will respect Kevin’s rules though, and tuck the phones away… 

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