International Day of Charity


Today, September 5th,  is International Day of Charity. Today is a great day to HELP. We can all do something, no matter how big or small. 

If you’re  looking for a charity to support or be more involved with, now is the time. has some good suggestions for a few things you can do: 

  • Look for somewhere to volunteer. 
  • Research various charities. Search for some that are not-so-mainstream and who may not get help as often as other well-known places. You might even learn about a cause you’d love to help with that you never knew about before. 
  • Check out Maybe you’re not interested in donating to a large organization. Maybe helping an individual will work better for you. 

People always need help! We probably all forget that from time to time. Today is the day to reach out! 

Oh, today also happens to be National Cheese Pizza Day. So go find a pizza party to attend, or even better (much better), grab some pizza and go help feed the hungry.  


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