Your iPhone Has a Detailed List of Every Location You Visit


Did you know that? Apple keeps a detailed list of every location you’ve gone to with your phone. According to Business Insider, “Apple says it keeps a list of locations you’ve visited to learn places that are significant to you.”

You can delete your location history if you want, and/or turn off the tracking feature all together. The feature, which will show you specific addresses of places you’ve been, when you’ve gone and how often, is found deep in your phone settings.

Apple says the information is kept not only to learn places that are significant to you, but also to provide you with personalized services such as traffic routing and helping to build better photo memories. By the way, Apple is not the only one keeping track of this sort of data, Google does it as well.

See the steps below if you’d like to know how to find the ‘SIGNIFICANT LOCATIONS’ feature on your iPhone:

  • Go to your SETTINGS app
  • Locate PRIVACY tab
  • Select the first option: LOCATION SERVICES
  • You’ll see a list of every app on your iPhone, but keep scrolling all the way to the bottom of list until you reach SYSTEM SERVICES
  • Again, go to the bottom of list until you reach SIGNIFICANT LOCATIONS (you’ll need to enter your password, fingerprint or Face ID to access)

Boom! A detailed look at where your phone (and you) have been! The list is sorted by city. Under each city, you’ll find even more specific information: addresses, number of times you’ve been there and how long you were there, dates, times, etc. Crazy amount of data.

You have the option to turn the feature off if you choose to do so. Or you can leave it as is. You also have the option to clear the history. Up to you!

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