New Movie March 1st: GRETA


Headed to the movies this Friday night? In the mood for a drama, horror or mystery film? Then check out Greta! This film falls under each of those genres.

Greta is an Irish-American film directed by Neil Jordan, co-written with Ray Wright, starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Isabelle Huppert. The World premiere took place at the Toronto International Film Festival in September where it received positive reviews. The US release date is this Friday March 1st.

A naïve, nice young woman named Francis finds a purse on the New York subway and doesn’t hesitate to return it to the owner. The owner, an eccentric lonely piano teacher named Greta, is very grateful and the two wind up becoming quick friends. Francis has recently lost her mother, making it even easier to befriend the kind older woman. Greta’s maternal attentiveness quickly fades away though as her behavior becomes increasingly disturbing with signs of a deadly agenda.

Oh the drama! Oh the horror! Oh the mystery! Watch the trailer below!

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