Jordan Peele is the Real Super Bowl Winner!


Jordan Peele was featured in three Super Bowl commercials. As most everyone knows, the Super Bowl is pretty much the biggest day in American advertising. Most brands are happy to secure even one spot during the game. Jordan Peele, the busy director/producer/comedian, had three spots!

First: The second trailer for his upcoming horror movie Us premiered before the game. Scary!

Second: He was the narrator in the CBS reboot of the classic sci-fi series, The Twilight Zone, which he also happens to be producing!

Third: After the game ended, a short Toy Story 4 promo aired, which featured both him and his comedian/actor friend Keegan-Michael Key. They were the talking stuffed animals bothering Buzz Lightyear. LOL.

Oh yeah, and the Super Bowl summary: The Patriots defeated the Rams. 13-3.

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