‘Shortcuts’ App Allows Siri To Record Traffic Stops


One of the latest iOS mobile apps is called ‘Shortcuts’ and it includes an add-on called ‘Police’. This app add-on uses Siri to record law enforcement during a traffic stop. Users just need to say, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over”.  This can give drivers added security and help to keep everyone safe and honest during traffic stops. 

Once Siri is alerted, any music that may be playing will pause, the screen brightness on the phone will be turned down, and the phone will be put in Do Not Disturb mode. Siri will send a text message to a designated emergency contact to let them know of the user being pulled over. The front camera will turn on to record a video. Once the user stops the recording, a copy of it will be sent to a designated contact, the screen brightness will go back to normal and the Do Not Disturb feature will be disabled. 

While Shortcuts is not the first app to assist with documenting being pulled over, it’s fresh and has plenty of important features. In addition to Shortcuts, there’s also an Andriod app called ACLU Blue, an “I’m getting arrested!” app in the Google Play store and several others. 

See app here: Police 

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