National Chocolate Day – October 28th


Today is National Chocolate day! Well actually, it’s only one of many chocolate days. According to the National Confectioners Association, there are at least 16 different chocolate days through-out the year. October  28th just happens to be the most commonly sited. 

And now… for the usual debate/preference: Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?? For some sweet fun, head over to the KBLX Facebook page and let us know which one you prefer! 

And for anyone wondering what the other ‘chocolate days’ are, see list below: 

  1. National chocolate covered cherry day (1/3) 
  1. Chocolate Mint Day (2/19) 
  1. American Chocolate Week (3rd week in March) 
  1. National Chocolate Caramel Day (3/19) 
  1. National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day (3/24) 
  1. National chocolate-Covered Cashews Day (4/21) 
  1. National Chocolate Chip Day (5/15) 
  1. Chocolate Day (first of the year!) (7/7) 
  1. National Milk Chocolate Day (7/28) 
  1. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (8/4) 
  1. International Chocolate Day (9/13) 
  1. National White Chocolate Day (9/22) 
  1. National Chocolate Day (2nd of the year!) (10/28) 
  1. National Bittersweet Chocolate w/Almonds Day (11/7) 
  1. National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day (12/16) 
  1. National Chocolate Day (3rd of the year!) (12/28) 

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