Gabrielle Union Dealing with Being “Mommy-Shamed”


Gabrielle Union and husband Dwyane Wade welcomed their baby girl via surrogate back in November. Since welcoming their beautiful baby girl Kaavia, Gabrielle has been posting photos and updates regularly on social media. She recently posted a video of herself repeatedly kissing her daughter on the mouth. Many people began ‘mom-shaming’ her, commenting on how unsafe it is to kiss the baby directly on the mouth for an assortment of reasons. 

Dwyane talks about it during their interview with Oprah Winfrey titled, “Oprah at Home with Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and Their new Baby”, which will air this Saturday at 8 p.m. on OWN. “I try to tell my wife, don’t look at that stuff,” says Dwyane about the hurtful comments.  Dwyane is also referring to the hurtful comments that some people posted shortly after the baby was born. Some people negatively commented and questioned why Gabrielle Union was in the hospital bed with the baby as if she had just given birth. Those posts had died down and all went back to positivity until she posted the kissing video. 

Social media is somethin’ else, isn’t it??? 

Gabrielle wrote in the comments of the video after seeing all of the posts, “Kaav is healthy and I don’t even touch her without washing and sanitizing myself and everything and everyone that comes in contact with her.” She goes on to mention that all of Oprah’s crew that came to film the OWN interview was vaccinated for whooping cough before even entering their home. 

“If you think I waited this long and went thru all this to put my baby in harm’s way … you got another thing coming,” says Gabrielle. 

See the “kissing” video below and also a short clip of the upcoming Oprah interview: 

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