Michael Jordan Contributes $2 million to Relief Efforts After Hurricane Florence


Michael Jordan, who was raised in Wilmington, N.C., says he needs to help take care of home! He will be giving $1 million to the American Red Cross and $1 million to the Foundation for the Carolinas Florence Respond Fund. 

Michael Jordan explained that the two-pronged approach is intended to address not only the immediate impact of the storm but also the long-term effects, as there will be many. He said he needs people to understand that this will not be a few weeks type of process. This is a huge disruption on people’s lives, and will be for years to come. He’s hoping this will spark others to also donate money and effort. 

Michael Jordan has made a number of large charitable contributions in recent years. A $7 million pledge toward opening two family medical clinics in at-risk and under-served areas in Charlotte, and a $5 million donation to the National Museum of African-american history and Culture in 2016. 

See the full article here: The Charlotte Observer 

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